Welcome to the BlueTechPort Sant Bertran Innovation Hub, a center dedicated to fostering innovation in all sectors related to the Blue Economy.

Set against the backdrop of the Mediterranean and mere minutes from the city center, this unique hub resides in the first of six warehouses of the historic Barcelona port storage facilities. By 2027, it will expand to the rest of the warehouses and it will span over 25,000 square meters — a dynamic environment where large companies, startups, and emerging sectors can come together to shake up the Blue Economy landscape.


BlueTechPort offers a choice between two iconic areas. Select your preferred space and join an ecosystem striving to become the epicenter of maritime innovation.


Nau 1
Sant Bertran

At Nau 1, the inaugural warehouse within the upcoming Sant Bertran hub, +1000 m² are allocated for corporates and +200 m² for startups, all dedicated to spearheading innovation in the Blue Economy. By 2027, this site will be one of six warehouses dedicated to harnessing the opportunities provided by the Port of Barcelona, conveniently located just a swift 3-minute scooter ride from the bustling heart of the city.

Ideate, create and innovate with us while gazing towards the boundless possibilities of the sea.



More than a coworking workspace, this dynamic hub at TechBarcelona-Pier 01 was named one of the top five innovation centers globally by Forbes magazine in 2017.

As the birthplace of BlueTechPort, Pier01 is more than a place: it is an integral part of the Port of Barcelona ecosystems. Together we seek to promote Barcelona's technological brand internationally, attract investment and talent, both local and foreign, and collaborate with other organizations to accelerate the technological ecosystem.

Here, you'll find the flexibility, efficiency, and networking opportunities that will elevate your business agility and performance to new heights.

  • Option of tax domicile and receipt of postal mail
  • Office Manager service
  • Meeting rooms & AGORA
  • Kitchen
  • Private utility consumption included (electricity, connectivity, electricity...)
  • And more

Six Warehouses, Six Spaces

By 2027, BlueTechPort aims to complete the restoration of the Naus Sant Bertran—a 25,000 m² hub where innovation guides the future of the Blue Economy.

This complex comprises six interconnected former port warehouses, each transformed into a space dedicated to pioneering advancements in maritime technology and sustainability. The space will bridge the gap between the Port and the bustling city of Barcelona and cultivate an ecosystem ripe with synergies and opportunities for those championing the Blue Economy.


SeaWave Networking Rooms

Engage with like-minded professionals, spark meaningful conversations, and explore new opportunities. Whether you're seeking partnerships, brainstorming ideas, or simply looking to expand your network, it's the perfect place to connect, collaborate, and create.


Innovation Art Gallery

A welcoming public space featuring an innovation exhibition area, designed to encourage communication and social responsibility. 

A unique space dedicated to showcasing artworks inspired by technology and innovation in the marine realm. Here, artistic creativity and technological forefront merge to offer a visually stunning and stimulating experience. From pieces reflecting the beauty and importance of the oceans to interactive installations exploring the relationship between humanity and the marine environment.


BlueTech Summit Auditorium

At BlueTechPort, knowledge always takes center stage. Our versatile and technologically advanced facilities are designed to host the presentation of innovative initiatives by third parties.


Ocean Talent Space

An area tailored for educational activities and institutions, acting as a hub of talent that catalyzes growth in various areas and fosters the type of user that brings vibrancy to BlueTechPort. 

The Talent Space is an area tailored for educational activities and institutions, designed to offer mentoring and advice to entrepreneurs looking to start their business. It also serves as a hub for finding and nurturing talent, catalyzing growth in various areas and attracting users who bring vitality to BlueTechPort.



At BlueLab, research centers and startups can accelerate development of their products through commercial demonstrations in controlled environments.


MareNostrum Research Space

A dedicated environment designed to push the frontiers of knowledge and provide innovative solutions at BlueTechPort. Here, researchers, scientists, visionaries, academics, and universities collaborate to address the challenges of the ocean, developing sustainable solutions and technological advancements.



We empower emerging companies in maritime technology and sustainability with our acceleration programs. These programs offer financial support like Ports 4.0 funds, European funds, and backing from the Port of Barcelona or  Port Innovation. Additionally, we provide mentorship, access to netBCNworks, and collaboration opportunities with industry leaders. Together, we're shaping a brighter, bluer future.

/ Ecosystem Member
/ Strategic Member
/ BlueTechPort Member



While some may work alone, we believe in the power of collaboration. We give you the opportunity to form strategic alliances with companies, universities, research centers, and other relevant organizations in the field of maritime technologies and sustainability.



Meet like-minded individuals at events and thematic conferences to showcase the capabilities of emerging companies, establish connections, and generate global visibility. These events include the Saló Nàutic boat show, Smart Ports: Piers of the Future, TechSpirit, SIL, and 4YFN (MWC).



Receive guidance from experts at the Port of Barcelona and stay updated on the latest innovative and technological market trends.



  • Collaboration with the Port of Barcelona
  • Mentoring from experts at the APB
  • Possibility to perform pilot tests, prototypes or PoC in the Port's service área (work in progress)
  • Be part of a diversified innovative ecosystem
  • Synergies with key players in maritime technology
  • Global conferences and trade shows

Sant Bertran
2027 Timeline

Just like the technology it spearheads, Sant Bertran's 
unique space evolves and expands to fit your 
company's ever-changing needs.

Sant Bertran Nau 1
Sant Bertran 6 naus

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Join the largest maritime innovation hub in the Mediterranean. Chart a course towards a sustainable future with us.